Representative Marisa Marquez Doing More for El Paso.

Since taking office in 2008, my office has focused on issues affecting not only our border community but the entire state. You have my continued pledge as your State Representative to always listen to your concerns, no matter how large or small, and stay committed to serving you. As always, thank you for your continued support.



Proud Democrat


Proven Leadership in the Texas House


Doing More to Increase Safety for Colonias in Texas


Doing More To Bring Funding To El Paso

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I am extremely proud to announce the public servants and associations who are supporting me in my re-election.   Together we can continue to work for a better El Paso!  Thank you.


Proven Leadership

Help us get the word out so we continue our work in Austin for District 77 and El Paso! Please visit my website and contribute today or sign up to volunteer!


Doing More for Education


Doing More For El Paso

Look for my mailers in your mailboxes, as well as new videos on my website, both outlining the achievements and progress made by my office over the last session.  My campaign has also started block walking, knocking on doors, and listening to your concerns and issues.  You can also reach us by signing up on…


Gaming the School System: Who Is Accountable?

El Paso Times – Sunday, September 8, 2013 State Rep. Marisa Márquez, while praising Williams’ actions to shed light on the failures involving EPISD, said she wanted to see a plan for the agency to examine the inaction and failure of TEA employees. “If the commissioner needs to be reflective on the agency and say,…

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